Crypto Market Surges To $1 Trillion: Bitcoin Dominance At 6-Month High

• Bitcoin dominance has hit 41.5% as of Jan. 20 — the highest level over six months.
• Ethereum dominance is also up and currently stands at 19.4%.
• The market cap for the entire crypto space sits at just under $1 trillion.

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a surge in recent months, with Bitcoin (BTC) leading the way. As of Jan. 20, Bitcoin dominance has hit its highest level in six months – 41.5%. This means that Bitcoin’s market capitalization is greater than that of all other cryptocurrencies combined.

At the same time, Ethereum (ETH) is also making gains. Its market capitalization has risen to 19.4%, the second-highest level among all cryptocurrencies. This is largely due to the ongoing success of DeFi projects, which are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The combined market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies sits at just under $1 trillion. This is a significant increase from the end of 2020, when the market cap was around $700 billion. This shows that investor sentiment for the cryptocurrency market is still strong, and that demand for digital assets is still growing.

Bitcoin has been the primary driver of the market’s growth, but other cryptocurrencies have also contributed. For example, the market cap of the top 10 cryptocurrencies is now over $800 billion, up from around $500 billion at the end of 2020.

Overall, the cryptocurrency market is continuing to show signs of growth, with Bitcoin leading the way. Despite some volatility, the market cap of all digital assets is approaching the $1 trillion mark, and investor sentiment is still strong. Ethereum is also making gains as the DeFi sector continues to gain traction. If this positive momentum continues, the cryptocurrency market could reach even higher levels in the months to come.