How does Bitcoin Up compare to other bots?

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Since Bitcoin saw the light of the blockchain, it has inspired millions of users worldwide and reached unimaginable heights – with an all-time high of almost $20,000 in December 2017, making it a magnet for many investors who want to trade cryptocurrencies as profitably as possible.

Still, not everyone succeeds: That’s why trading bots that buy and sell automatically are becoming increasingly popular. One promising representative is Bitcoin Up; this trading bot looks back on a long history of success with satisfied traders worldwide. But best of all, it offers substantial profits for anyone who signs up. Check it out here:

Bitcoin Up – what is that?

Trading is very time-consuming: Users have to evaluate data, analyse markets and nervously place their trades. With Bitcoin Up this is much easier – as an automatic trading software it takes care of the technical analysis itself. In this way, it effortlessly makes profits for the client and proves itself profitable on the market.

But how does Bitcoin Up work? – with the most modern trading algorithm. With it, he scours the market for favourable signals that promise high profits. The software is tailored to every level of knowledge and offers the user promising trading strategies – strategies that have already recovered millions from the blockchain for investors.

Features and functionality

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Who is the brains behind Bitcoin Up?

This is a detail that unfortunately remained hidden from us. Nevertheless, this is not a problem: Many reputable and regulated brokers are trying to work more with Bitcoin Up and have business relationships with it – this speaks for the credibility of the platform.

In addition, the software used vouches for Bitcoin Up: it is very sophisticated, high-tech and convincing. Only experts could develop it who not only excel at computer programming, but also fully understand the financial markets.

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What do customers say about Bitcoin Up?

I always wanted to make money with the Internet – but I didn’t have the time! That changed when I discovered Bitcoin Up: I’m not a billionaire yet, but I earn almost as much as I would with a normal job. But I’m only logged into my account for half an hour a day! I can only recommend this software to everyone, because I still think I’m dreaming when I see my capital grow so quickly.

Advantages and disadvantages


Registration is free: It is completely free to register on the platform; there are no additional fees.

The platform is user-friendly: It’s a breeze to use Bitcoin Up’s interface – even for newcomers to crypto and binary trading.

The win rates are huge: We tested the software to the marrow and indeed: Enormous profits are possible; on average 88 percent of our trades were successful.

The payout is immediate: With Bitcoin Up you don’t have to wait impatiently for your money – within 24 hours it is in your account. This is guaranteed by regulated brokers who process the payment.

Runs on mobile browsers: With Bitcoin Up you can also monitor your trades on your mobile phone.


Only a few cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Up only trades a few coins.


The crypto market has become a goldmine for many: Here, users can trade coins and the corresponding assets. This has already provided many with a second income – and thus a freer and happier life. Nevertheless, trading requires a lot of expertise, which not everyone has. That’s where trading bots come in handy: they open up an income from cryptocurrencies for everyone. Because these bots are innovative tools that not only reduce risks, but also increase profits at the same time. You can rely on this when you open a trading account with Bitcoin Up.

How does Bitcoin Up compare to other bots?

The Bitcoin Up platform is developed in a modern way and is very profitable for investors – therefore, the platform outshines its competitors. Therefore, there is no question: We can recommend Bitcoin Up without reservation.